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When you give your name, it is okay to use your real name, or a nickname, or a pen name — it is your choice. If you wish to discuss the material on this site, please contact us and we will either respond directly or put your remarks on the comment page. Serious and courteous contactees will be given priority, others may find their comments edited prior to posting or not posted at all. Any editing done will be identified to the readers as an edit by the author of this site. If you do not want to be identified on this site when your comments are posted, please let us know and we will not identify you. Only in rare cases will we post a person’s email or a website link. So, please do not be surprised when you find your post edited to delete email addresses and website URL’s.

We welcome constructive input supported by Scriptures from the Bible. All articles on this website are Copyrighted © 2017, some articles have earlier individual copyright dates. Richard Douglas Mauck and/or Sandra Faye Mauck are the authors and owners of this copyright. All rights reserved. This material is copyrighted to protect the integrity of this work. Permission is hereby granted to copy any treatise in its entirety as long as no editing is done, no charge is made to those with whom it is shared, and full credit is given to the authors. If you wish to use smaller portions of the text that exceed one hundred characters, then use this contact page to obtain permission from the authors.

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