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Heaven Is For Real

A Movie Review



1. T.A. McMahon of the Berean Call wrote a spiritual critique of the movie Heaven Is For Real.


2. But now let us take an empirical look at what this movie, and the family behind the movie, is all about.


3.a. But first, I will share part of a dream that my Father gave me about this movie. I met a young girl who was very seductive, but I ignored at first her interest in me because of our vast age differences. Briefly I fell victim to her seduction and pursued her. But her face began to bleed and blood was running down from an unseen opening near both eyes and both sides of the outside of her nose. She was ugly with her face covered in blood that increased by the second. But I still pursued her as she reached out for attention from anyone nearby.


3.b. This girl in the dream was a representation of the movie. It is attempting to seduce anyone and everyone, receiving back unrighteous attention from all around. But the movie is death, just as her bloody face was a picture of death. I did not need the dream to discern the movie, however, it certainly elevated my concern for the innocent victims who would be seduced by the movie.


4. Let us look at the parts of the movie that were total lies.


5. The opening scene was of Akiane Kramarik painting a portrait that was supposed to be that of their Jesus. Akiane supposedly had an experience of going to heaven and seeing this Jesus of hers, possibly about fourteen years ago. One only has to go to her website and see the paintings that she has produced over the last fourteen years to discern the demonic influence that permeates her art work. If demonic influence is not readily apparent to you, then this movie review will be of no help to you. You, instead, first need to repent of your sin and cry out to Yahoshua the Christ to forgive you and come into you. You need to be born again. Yahoshua said, in Matthew 10:8 KJV, “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.” For crying out loud, this girl is selling her paintings for up to $3,000,000 dollars a piece. That is hardly the Spirit of Christ at work.


6. In the movie the couple was discussing their bills. Their debts were $23,000. Then the preacher/husband was shocked to find that did not include the $37,000 hospital bill for their son’s appendectomy. And that’s not counting the hospital bills that piled up later for his own broken leg and emergency trip for kidney stones. These debts are never addressed again in the movie. They just kind of disappear into meaninglessness. Instead, the family takes a vacation to the next state of Colorado. The family’s cash flow never seems to suffer.


7. While standing in his pulpit on crutches because of his broken leg, the preacher collapses, feigning a spasmodic back. Later this is diagnosed as kidney stones. I have years of personal experience with kidney stones. Yes, they can incapacitate one in a heartbeat. But here are the kickers. He did not recognize his back pains as kidney stones, even though he had a history of them. And I do not know what type of doctors were available to him in the local hospital, but they sent him home: “There’s nothing we can do for you, you just have to drink water and pass them.” The options that the medical profession have are more varied than that. In fact, the urologists love to help out and earn thousands of dollars of your money. Nevertheless, let us accept that this was the recommended treatment plan. But this plan included the use of pain meds. The scene with the preacher’s wife leaving the house because of his agonizing yells of pain and a friend coming to see if he could help in any way did not show any evidence of pain meds being used. The pain meds are totally effective and he did not need to be in any pain. And I have never heard of anyone having or passing a dozen stones at a time. Personally, I do not believe it for a second. He said, “Seven stones out, five to go.” For crying out loud, give me a break.


8. Yes, I am painting a picture of a master manipulator. He appears to seize any window of opportunity that opens before him. He elicits sympathy from all and brings people into his web. His own son is not safe from this master of shadows. His son could have been coached into every thought that he ever had of heaven. I do not believe for even one second that this child had an out of body and trip to heaven experience. Oh, I do believe that he thinks he did. But it came from the mind of his father, not from personal experience. Children are very susceptible to manipulation and deception. Not only that, but if they do catch on to what has happened (that they have become victims of deception), oft times they embrace it because of the power they cunningly perceive that it gives them over others.


9. What type of church and believers are we being shown at the Crossroads Wesleyan Church? A pastor collapses and is writhing on the floor, and they sing. Why are they not instead praying? Every opportunity that was given to show the pastor’s preaching skills was turned into a blasé exercise in pathetic tripe. And they claimed that he made the church grow (as if that is even important). What did it grow? It obviously must have grown worldly morons, thinking they were involved in a spiritual work of God.


10. Do not be sucked into their web. Do not waste your money like I did. Stay away from this movie and from the Crossroads Wesleyan Church.

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