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                                                 His Name

                                                Part I of VI

                                                 His Name

                                          Part I - My Testimony

                                                  Section 1

Before I begin this teaching, that is near and dear to my heart, and I know it is dear to the heart of our Heavenly Father, I must first tell you how God began my quest for His true name.


As I studied the Bible through the years, I kept noticing how it would constantly say, bless His name, praise His name, fear His name, et cetera, but the New International Version that I was using did not ever tell me what His name was. So, I switched to the King James Version and in only four places it gave me a translated name that was hotly contested in so-called Christian circles.


Upon looking deeper I found that God's name was spelled in the original Hebrew with four Hebrew letters. This grouping of letters was called the Tetragrammaton, because no one knew how to pronounce it. And every where the Tetragrammaton was in Scripture, it was translated, in all capitals, as LORD or GOD. Have you ever noticed LORD with all capitals? Take a look in your Bible now, try Exodus 6:2-3 for example. All of this was nice, but it still did not tell me what His name was.


I love and loved God so much, that I could no longer bear not knowing His name. I pleaded with Him to tell me His name. Do you love your spouse, child, or parent? Yes, I hope you say. Do you know their name? Of course you do. Can you imagine knowing someone intimately but you do not know their name? Simple fact is, if you really love someone, you either know or want to know their name - except God that is. For my entire life I have never heard anyone in any church ever question or want to know what God's name was. Unbelievable! I myself went merrily along from the age of about four to the age of about fifty, never thinking a whole bunch about it. I mean, His name was Lord or God, what else did I need? What else does anyone need? Then about thirteen years ago, my Father began to put a burning inside of me to know. I pursued this knowledge in prayer, in the Bible, and through any means I could. I love Him, I want to know Him more intimately, and I certainly want to know His name.


I hope you do too, now that someone has finally stood up and asked, "What is His name?"


Rick Mauck

                                                    His Name

                                            Part I - My Testimony

                                                    Section 2

The teachings, given to me by the Holy Ghost with much study and prayer, usually are not what you will find in any church or denomination I know of. In fact, I have spoken to many pastors and attempted to speak to many others, about some of the topics I teach about. Unfortunately, so far they have been clueless. If it wasn't taught to them in seminary, they are not only not interested, they are hostile. This is a serious self-destructive pride issue on their part. Your church associates will most likely not want you to have this teaching, it does divide the sheep from the goats and in a real hurry. May God have mercy on their souls.


Many Christian churches, or groups, or denominations have become like most medical doctors. Sandy (for those of you who know, had been chronically ill for years) went to many different doctors for years: MD's, PhD's, ND's, etc. They all have their own program. Almost none of them are geared to find the cause of your malady and plan with you how to eradicate it. If it wasn't taught to them in medical school, they are not only not interested, they are hostile. This is a serious self-destructive pride issue on their part. You have to follow their plan or go elsewhere. Now, Sandy goes no where, because it is a waste of time. This is the way the apostate church businesses are. Just like the doctors, in Sandy's case, they say, "Follow their plan or go away." The ecclesiastical businesses do not care what God is saying, they only care about what they want to do.


One of the biggest problems is that I come across ministry after ministry that claims they are following the Bible. But when you dig deeper, they do not believe in the Bible nor what it says. I have yet to fail to expose one if they are willing to dialog a little. (I speak of false ministries, not those who fear God). The Bible is my authority, I do not speculate with idle notions of men. 2 Timothy 2:15 KJV, "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."


I strive not to please men. I do not hold back. If a group or church or denomination is an abomination, then I will call it such. I do not lightly call it such. Usually it is with much study and discernment. Oh, some of the people caught up in the church do not know the truth about the leaders behind their church nor their hidden evil agenda. So, I attack the church and the leaders, not the pew sitters. I call the pew sitters out.


As most of you know, Sandy and I recommend The Cross & The Switchblade author David Wilkerson's sermons as solid food. We are always looking for another ministry to recommend. David offers his sermons for free online, and if you purchase or obtain a copy on disc, he does not restrict you from coping it and redistributing it.


May God bless you, Rick

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